2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid sema

2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid Vs. 2015 Toyota Prius V

This is the review of 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid Vs. 2015 Toyota Prius V.
Toyota does have a point, a minimum of when it pertains to space behind the rear seat. The Prius V has 34.3-40.2 cubic feet of area in back, relying on where you glide the back seat.

2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid interior

2015 Ford C Max Hybrid unutra 610x263

So, yes, the a lot more small Ford C-Max hybrid’s item hold, which brings merely 24.5 cubic feet, is much more equivalent with that said of the typical Prius, which provides 21.6.

2015 Toyota Prius V interior

2015 Toyota Prius V cockpit 610x406

However in measurements and price the two compete, so we know individuals going shopping the Prius V are also considering the C-Max Hybrid. So does Toyota– we discovered a “University of Toyota” document (boilerplate advertising and marketing details for dealerships) in the center storage container pointing out the benefits of the V over the C-Max.

Ford C-Max Hybrid Cockpit

2015 Ford C Max Hybrid cockpit

When you speak hybrids, you need to speak gas economic climate because, it goes without saying, that’s the whole point. The Prius V is ranked at 44 city/40 freeway and has actually a combined rating of 42 mpg. Pretty good, however the C-Max has even far better EPA stats. It’s ranked at 47 mpg in every group. A lot better, right? Not so fast.

Toyota Prius V Seats

2015 Toyota Prius V ceo sedista 610x381

During our drive loopholes comparing these 2 cars, the Toyota returned 39.4 mpg combined, whereas the Ford was good for only 37.3 mpg. Provided, that was with goons like me doing the driving (the last time I did a big road trip with a Prius V, I kept it in between 75 and 85 miles per hour the whole time and averaged 38.7 mpg), yet if you ignite your Google, you’ll locate an excellent many occasions of the C-Max delivering concerning 10 much less integrated mpg compared to promoted, which’s very substantial. Just what’s going on? Well, the C-Max manages to drive further and much faster (around 62 mph/100 km/h) in electric-only method. Probably the EPA examination cycle gives enough regenerative braking for the C-Max to make fuller usage of that power while gently speeding up to the moderate rates in that examination. The reality stays that the Ford evaluates regarding 300 pounds more than the Toyota, and in the real world it delivers worse fuel economic situation.

2015 Toyota Prius V motion 610x406

But the C-Max is quicker and much more highly effective compared to the plus-size Prius. The big V appears with a 134-hp drivetrain composed of a 1.8-liter Atkinson pattern I-4 matched to an 80-hp electricity motor, all transmitted with a planetary CVT. Integrated torque is pegged at 154 lb-ft, though accurately estimating hybrid torque is more alchemy compared to science. As for the Ford, there’s a nearly identical system, however with a bigger, much more highly effective 2.0-liter gasoline engine and a bigger electric motor for a combined 188 hp, and Ford doesn’t even divulge a combined torque result. The Prius V turns up considering a svelte 3365 pounds– not bad for 2 motors, an engine, and a big nickel-metal-hydride electric battery.

2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid Vs. 2015 Toyota Prius V

2015 C Max Hybrid sivi levo 610x362

The C-Max registers at a beefier 3659 pounds. That, my friends, is one chunk of the mileage disparity right there. Acceleratively, the Ford has it over the Toyota, hitting 60 mph in 8.1 seconds and completing the quarter mile in 16.2 seconds at 88.3 miles per hour. The Prius V requires a leisurely 10.1 secs to accomplish 60 miles per hour and 17.5 for the quarter mile at 78.8 miles per hour. No one cares just how economy-minded hybrids do on a dragstrip. Yet they might care significantly regarding exactly how they act on the road.

2015 Toyota Prius V crveni levo 610x404

The Prius V drives way better compared to the regular Prius. Reasons why include a longer wheelbase, an added pair of bushings on the front suspension, and Toyota’s trick anti-porpoising modern technology. It’s called Anti-Pitch and Bounce Control, and it detects up-and-down body language, then utilizes the auto’s electrical motor to counteract them. It’s similar, in fact, to the method noise-cancelling headsets work. In any automobile, when you increase, the auto stones backwards, and when you brake, the vehicle’s weight is pitched ahead. So, if the roadway is forcing the auto to transfer either direction, the power motor can be quickened or deferred to make up. The V is– attempt I say it– really fun to toss around on a country road. Fun for a Prius, at any rate.

2015 Ford C Max Hybrid guza

2015 Toyota Prius V plavi 610x251

The fun stops, nonetheless, once you’re on the freeway travelling at 75 mph. Since the V is based upon the normal Prius and Toyota compromised every little thing on the altar of efficiency, the huge V isn’t a pleasant location to be. There’s very little noise insulation; it’s like riding around in a bass drum. As my colleague Christian Seabaugh says, “This makes the Prius V uncomfortably loud and boomy, particularly while cruising down L.A.’s notoriously pocked 405 freeway.” I would certainly want to gamble that a large part of the weight distinction between our 2 competitors is stuff like spray-in foam and muffling pads.

2015 Ford C Max front crveni 610x373

Additionally bear in mind that, unlike the Prius, the C-Max’s groundworks started life as a Ford Focus, not an ultra-efficient gas mileage champ. Being based on the Focus, nevertheless, does pay off in terms of being enjoyable to drive. The C-Max drives a lot better compared to the Prius V. So considerably to make sure that the C-Max was a severe opponent at this year’s Car of the Year event. As Seabaugh says, “The C-Max is a genuine surprise to drive compared to the Prius V.”

2015 Toyota Prius V crveni 610x405

The Ford’s log cabin appears to come from a greater tax bracket. Seabaugh once again: “The C-Max’s interior is likewise globes much better compared to the Prius V’s. The products are nice; the flight doesn’t upset you; and it’s peaceful, other than at wide open throttle where the engine has the tendency to seem a little bit thrashy.” Yet the two vehicles cost about the very same money. A market analyst pal of mine claims Ford is taking a tiny bath on every C-Max offered in the U.S. Why? His concept is that as Toyota initially finished with the Prius, money lost per unit will become made up by imprinting Ford as a “green” brand in everyone’s thoughts. It sure helped Toyota.

2015 Ford C Max Hybrid guza1

2015 Toyota Prius V zadnjica 610x404

So, which is the better automobile? I ‘d claim the C-Max, hands down. Which is why, when a pal with a 3-year-old called me recently requesting for a hybrid referral, I advised him to get the Ford C-Max. It’s nicer, I discussed. It’s much faster, drives much better, is quieter, and, even with the comparative lack of space, is a comprehensive even more attractive bundle than the Toyota. Estimate exactly what? He didn’t care about any of that. All that mattered to him was gas economic situation. So he acquired the Prius V. Go figure.

2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid Vs. 2015 Toyota Prius V H2H

2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid


2015 Toyota Prius V


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